Private lessons

We’re proud of our classes and the thousands we’ve trained in swimming. We welcome all from Children to Adults.

Booking one-to-one tailored lessons gives you a personal trainer. From your expressed needs, you and the trainer will plan the exercises based on your personal goal.  As an example, lessons can be designed for you to feel comfortable and safe in water or learn to swim, sharpen your swimming skill, endurance training, or learn a new swimming style.

One-to-one lessons are available both for children and adults. When booking 10 lessons the learn to swim 10 meter guarantee is available upon request.

How many lessons are needed to reach the goals differs from person to person. Five one-to-one lessons gives at least as much as 10 group lessons with 10 children.

Wednesday at Askim simhall is adult only after 18:00. This means One-to-one after 18:00 is for adults only at Askim simhall.