Crawl for adults

We offer courses intended for adults only who want to crawl. For 10 weeks we work with technique exercises to improve body position, arm stroke, kicks, glide, breathing and endurance.

Choose the class that matches your current skill level.

  • Learn to swim: Can not swim, 30 min
  • Beginner: You can swim 200 meter breaststroke, 45 min
  • Continuing: You can crawl 25 meter, 45 min.

Nybörjare 45 min

Förkunskapskrav: 200 meter bröst

Tid: Onsdagar 18.00-18.45 (Askim Simhall) – start 24 mars

Fortsättning 45 min

Förkunskapskrav: 25 meter crawl

Tid: Onsdagar 18.45-19.30 (Askim Simhall) – start 24 mars